For International Development Organizations and National Government Agencies

TREASURY PETRAPioneers International offers international development organizations and national government agencies open-source analysis and advisory services and knowledge products on regional and international issues that affect North Africa and West Asia and that are of concern to their populations and policy makers. Services and products are tailored to and developed for clients’ specific needs.

Pioneers International will provide analyses and assessments of, and consultations, briefings, and workshops on, economic and international public policy issues and concerns that pose challenges to, or present opportunities for improving, sustainable development, security, and stability.

Pioneers International’s analysis and advisory services fall under five interconnected categories of specialty areas, within which climate change and women’s empowerment issues are integrated:

1) Economic and international public policy

2) Water, food, and energy security

3) Agriculture and rural development

4) Entrepreneurship development

5) Conflict analysis, management, and resolution