Petra mountainFor the Private Sector

Pioneers International offers services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to assist them in identifying and assessing strategic investment-for-development opportunities in specific countries in North Africa and West Asia (the “Middle East”), including B2B and B2G operations and partnerships, and to initiate, facilitate, and bring to being projects designed to serve mutually shared objectives and goals.
In this area, Pioneers offers SMEs standardized as well as tailored services geared towards market entry and business/client development.

These services include advising on economic, development, and investment conditions; advising on B2G and B2B operations; assisting in establishing in-country representation; facilitating access to and providing liaison with key persons within local governments and the private sector; advising on export opportunities; export management; and assisting with formulating and implementing market-entry strategy.

Pioneers International will assess business and trade proposals to make its independent determination on the extent of their suitability to and viability in countries of interest within their economic, political, cultural, technological, and development environments and constraints.

Pioneers International maintains in Egypt its most extensive, established network of advisers, strategic partnerships, business support services providers, and government and private sector contacts who work closely with the company on relevant local and regional projects. A small team of local lawyers well-versed in Egyptian business, commercial, and property laws also assists Pioneers International in providing services to clients that are interested in setting up operations in Egypt and in navigating the legal and bureaucratic systems to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

The company’s principal activities are focused on renewable energy; agriculture, water, and food; construction and land development; and healthcare.